Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ganga, by Vatsala Sperling

Ganga: The River that Flows from Heaven to Earth, by Vatsala Sperling. Illustrated by Harish Johari and Peter Weltevrede.

This is the story about Ganga, the river that flows from Heaven  to Earth.
  1. Bali-was a virtuous king, and was noble but then became bad.
  2. Indra-went to Brahma  for help.
  3. Brahma-could not fight Bali.
  4. Brahma-asked Vishnu for help
  5. Vishnu-loved visiting Earth.
  6. Vamana-was an avtar of Vishnu. 
  7. Shukracharya-was Bali 's teacher 
  8. Shukracharya-told Bali that Vishnu is going to Earth. 
  9. Sage Kapil-was angry when he saw the army.
  10. King Sagar's-army was burnt by sage Kapil.
  11. Bhagirath-prayed for a long time.  
  12. Bhagirath-prayed without eating food or water. 
  13. Ganga.came out of Brahma's kamandal.
  14. Durvasa-got angry because Ganga laughed at him.
  15. Narada-was very sad when Durvasa gave that curse. 
  16. Narada-told Durvasa that he should not have cursed Ganga.
  17. Shiva-caught Ganga in his hairs.
  18. Brahma-was Ganga 's father.
  19. Janu-drank Ganga in one gulp.
  20. Ganga-went into the ocean
I liked the illustration when Ganga came down on Earth because the person who made it drew it very nicely.