Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lucy the Diamond Fairy

Lucy: The Diamond Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 7)

 There are two girls in this story. Their names are Rachel and Kirsty. 
This book is about how they help their fairy friends. Kirsty was staying
at Rachel’s house for their summer holidays. Their fairy friends ,the
party fairies has given them a musical box. It has a small fairy on top.
Suddenly Rachel heard a noise it was the musical box playing a song.
Both the girLS  goT to know the fairies were in fairyland and that they
needed help there. They were given lockets by the fairy queen. If they
wished to go tHERE  they put a pinch of fairy dust on their heads and in
the blink of an eye they reached there. They sprinkled the dust on
their heads and reached fairyland. They saw that none of the fairies has
wings. Rachel asked the queen how did this happen? The queen replied
the diamond’s power  has run out, that’s why we don’t have wings. A
fairy stepped in front and said, “Do you see that tree? The diamond is
somewhere there.”

The fairy’s name was Lucy. She was the diamond fairy.
Rachel and Kirsty started climbing the tree. They realized it was very
high but they didn’t want to disappoint their fairy friends. When they
reached the top they saw the sun setting. Suddenly the stars started
twinkling. They saw a very bright star. They realized it was the
diamond. When they were about to grab the diamond Jack Frost appeared.
Jack Frost cast a spell which frightened them away. They climbed down
the tree and told Lucy what has happened. They made a plan. In the plan
they needed Pegasu s. Pegasus was a flying horse. They sat on him and
flew where the diamond was. They saw Jack Frost.

Kirsty and Rachel
started distracting Jack Frost. Meanwhile Lucy grabbed the diamond.
Suddenly Jack Frost heard the noise of Pegasus wings. He turned around
and saw what was happening he got angry and cast a spell which made an
icy thunderbolt appear. It was about to hit Pegasus wings! But he
quickly dodged the thunderbolt which almost made Lucy fall off. Because
of that the grip on the diamond got loose and fell out of Lucy’s hand!
But Kirsty caught the diamond just in time. Jack Frost saw that and
quickly cast a spell on Kirsty wings. But Pegasus caught her on her on
the back. Lucy asked Pegasus to fly faster. Lucy asked Kirsty to stretch
her hand. She touched the diamond with the tip of her wand and the
jewel disappeared and reappeared in the queen’s crown. The queen quickly
undid the spell on Kirsty’s wings and trapped Jack Frost in a place
from where he would not be able to get out. Rachel and Kirsty got a 
ring as a present where all the gems on the queen’s crown was there.
They bid farewell and went.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Complex

This is my complex. It is very big. I stay in D block. Every block has thirteen floors. I have two swimming pools. We have four parks in our complex. Some securities from Assam ran back to their home. So now we have five securities in our complex. Yesterday I went to the clubhouse to see one  exhibition where we saw few machines. I have a lily pond. It has pink and yellow lillies. Once i saw a frog from the lily pond going towards C block.

Visit to Crossword

I like Crosswod .It is a very nice book store. It has many kinds of books. I found one book which my father had downloaded on my Kindle. It was Judy Moody. It had Judy Moody one,two and four. I started the first one. It was funny. I took long to read it. My father told it's time to go But my mother said it's okay we can stay for a while so that i can finish my Amar Chitra Katha. It was time to go but I still didn't finish Judy moody.

My Poster Making Competition

Two days back it was a poster making competition. We had to make a poster about saving water. Whoever does not finish the painting was out. I made a girl picking garbage from lake. I didn't have many paints so my friend shared her colors with me. My painting was not so nice. But i was fine. Ma'am didn't announce the winner. And i forgot my handkerchief and bowl for the competition.

My Hurt

It happened on Monday when it was my P.T. period. We were playing parachute. We made a clubhouse and when I was stuck inside the parachute. Hamza kicked me on my head. That part turned blue in color. I had to put ice pack there. Afterwards I had to put medicine there. At home my mother had put T-bact cream and before putting T-bact she cleaned it with Dettol.

A visit to Meenakshi Mall

I went to Meenakshi mall today. We went to T.G.I.Fridays. There they gave me some balloons. The food there was very yummy. After that my sister made her balloon fall into someone's food. Then my mother went tot Hypercity and we went to Amoeba. I won a pen and my sister won a sticker pad and Ashrit won clay. Then we cam back to our apartment.

Comic Con 2012

Yesterday we went to Comic Con in Koramangala. There we saw books, comics, cartoons. We saw  someone dressed up like Ravan. He looked scary. And we took a picture with him. Then we saw Thompson and Thompson from Tintin and Tintin with snowy. I got a picture clicked with him. I bought four Amar Chitra Kathas. We even met a girl from Scooby Dooby. We got a picture clicked with her too. And we wore a wrist band on our wrist before entering the comic con.

Pearl -The cloud fairy

Pearl: The Cloud Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies, No. 3) 

Their were two girls .Their names were Rachel and Kirsty.Nasty Jack Frost had banished the seven weather fairies, Rachel asked Kirsty.Kirsty replied ,it is cloudy.When kirsty and Rachel were dressing up,their mum called them for breakfast.They ate their breakfast.They saw pearl the cloud fairy.They went to the factory.Their they saw gobblins.The goblins took Rachel because Rachel was  a fairy.And they put her in a candy cloud.Pearl form Ribbon.Then Rachel ate the candy.Kristy and Rachel turned back to humans.Pearl put the feather on Doddle and Doddle said something .Pearl said Good bye.

ISBN-10: 0439813883
ISBN-13: 978-0439813884


Mahabharata Episode

Yesterday night I saw the Mahabharata. In that I saw the episode of Bharata. He was Shakuntala's son. He didn't know who should be the king after him because he had 9 sons. So he asked sage Kanva what should he do. Sage Kanva told something to Bharata. So Bharata webt back to Hastinapura his kingdom and announced that he thinks that some boy was his son and the court were shocked. After that Bharata went to his mother after the announcement. His mother was worried because he didn't make one of his sons crowned prince. After many kings had died Shantanu was the king. Once he was going out to hunt when he saw that from the river Ganga a beautiful woman came. He asked who are you? She replied I am Ganga and who are you? I am Shantanu. Will you marry me asked Shantanu. Ganga said no. The next day he again went to Ganga. She came out after sometime and he asked the question again and Ganga said yes I will marry you one condition you should never ask a question if you do I will give an answer but I will leave you forever. Shantanu agreed to the condition and got married. After that they had a son but Ganga took the baby and drowned it. She did for six more babies. When she about to drown the eighth one Shantanu stopped her. He said give the child to me and why are you doing this. Ganga said you broke your promise. I am doing this because in your previous birth you were in heaven and Indra's friend. I cam and took a seat with my father Brahma. You kept staring at me suddenly my dupata came off but still you kept staring at me. My father got annoyed and cursed us and 8 more vasus that we will be born on earth. The vasus pleaded so I told, you will birth in my stomach and as soon as you are born I will thrown them in the water. But I think this one will ahve to live here said Ganga. Give me my child said Shantanu. I will give you when it is the time to give you. Saying that Ganga left. He was worried after Ganga had left. He once saw arrows shooted between the Ganga river. The water was getting less and less. He took his bow and arrow ready to shoot when he saw Ganga and another boy shooting the arrows that blocked the river's way. Ganga said this is your son Devavrata. Shantanu was very happy to see him.

Ruru and Pramadvara

Once three men were wandering in the forest. They were thirsty and saw a hermitage. They asked if anyone in there, if you are there then please give us some water. A beautiful woman came out of the hermitage and gave her water. Her name was Pramadvara. One of the men whose name was Ruru fell in love with Pramadvara. He told his friends to tell his father that he wants to marry Pramadvara. His father was very happy that his son found a bride. The next day he went to ask for Pramadvara's hand in marriage. Her father said yes but he told let me tell you the story of my daughter. Once I was walking back to Ashram. When I saw an abandoned baby. I thought this must be an Apsara's abandoned baby. I will take care of it till she goes in marriage. I took care of her for many years. This is the story of my daughter, that is why i named her Pramadvara. Your son can marry my daughter. A few days before her marriage, Pramadvara and her friends were playing. She stepped on cobra by mistake and it bit her. She suddenly fell dead. Her father saw that she was glowing even more brightly. Her father was crying and asked Ruru how did Pramadvara died.Ruru just ran inside the forest and told him to take care of her wife He prayed to God to restore his wife. Gods took pity and restored Pramadvara but on one condition you give half of your life to Pramadvara. Ruru agreed. Then they got married.


Once we went to Auroville. Auroville is in Pondichery. We went to a studio where we learnt more about Auroville. The soul of Auroville the Golden temple was made by the Mother. The mother was disciple of Aurobindo who thought of building the Golden Temple. Then we left after seeing the studio. The golden temple was 2 km from the studio. When we were walking we had a fight. My father had a fight with my sister. We reached there and took some pictures. My mother heard the guide saying that one park is built there. and another 12 parks will come there. Inside the temple there was a crystal globe. We could not go inside the temple as only those who wants to meditate can go inside. If you wish to go inside the temple then somebody will take you somewhere where you have to stay for 13 days and concentrate there. After that we left. On our way back we got some ice cream and went to book store. I enjoyed myself a lot.

How I felt when my classmate lost my book

I went to school one day. I was carrying two storybooks in my bag. I gave one of my story book to my classmate. She too had a story book which she gave it to me. After reading she asked me if she could take her book back and give mine. I told her to keep it. I will read the last 2 pages of her book then we can give it back. I asked the class  prefect help to ask her to give my book back. But he didn't ask her. At the end of the day I forgot to take the book back. But my friend saw her put that book in her bag. She told me about this during our dispersal what had happened. In the bus I was very angry and sad. I did not tell my parents about this for 2 days. On third day I told my parents about how she stole my book. My mother told that you ask her if she can buy the same book. I went to school and told Ma'am. Then my Ma'am helped me by asking that girl to get new book for me.                                                                                                 

Curious George makes pancakes

Curious George Makes Pancakes 

 The story is about a small monkey who makes pancakes.Th story starts like this....There was a small monkey named George who was always very curious.He had a friend named the man with the yellow hat.Once the man in the yellow had told they are going for pancake breakfast.After they reached there,the Mayor made an announcement.After that the man with the yellow hat told George he will come back in a minute but please do not be too curious.When the man in the yellow hat was gone,George looked around.He smelled something tasty.He followed the smell and found a pancake stall.He thought making pancakes was fun.He saw only one person making pancakes and he wanted to help.He found a basketful of blueberries.In a small place he saw some pancakes were already made.He thought I will put some berries above them.He started putting many berries and the man was so busy he did not notice George.Afterwards he went to get another helper.So George started making the pancakes.The pancake stall line grew longer and longer.When the man came back he saw George and got angry,began chasing George.At last the Mayor saw George hiding inside the water.He gave George a medal.It was George happiest moment.My favourite character was George as he was always very curious.I did not like the man with the yellow hat as he always tells George not to be curious.


Clever Carmen

Once there was a pig named Carmen. She wasn't like other pigs. She knew how solve math problems and could tie her own shoelaces. Unlike other pigs she didn't like pig food. She remembered very horrible meal she had. One day an acorn and an apple fell in her pig pen. She tasted them and said "wow I have never tasted anything like this before." She wanted to eat acorns and apples her whole life. She got an idea. She went to the cow and asjed "Can you move the metal roof next to that tree? I will give you some of my pig food." The cow had never tasted pig food and thought it tasted nice and helped Carmen. Now when the cow tasted the food she realized it had no taste. Now Carmen went to the horse and asked "can you move that barrel to that apple tree. If you will I will give you my pig food." The horse thought "It looks rich and brown it might taste good." When he tasted it he felt as if he had eaten chopped trash. When he went to the sheep it said "I will move anything for you but don't give me pig food." Carmen asked the sheep "move a pipe next the metal roof" which the cow had moved. When the apples fell it rolled down the roof and went inside the pipe and bounced Carmen's pen and the acorns fell in the barrel and bounced into Carmen's pen. Carmen was the happiest pig in the world.

The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch) 

Once upon a time there was a princess named Elizabeth.She wore expensive clothes.She was going to marry a prince named Ronald.Unfortunately a dragon ate her Castle,burnt her clothes and took away Prince Ronlad.Elizabeth chased the dragon.She looked everywhere for something to wear.Suddenly she saw a paperbag.She wore it and followed her search for the dragon.Then Elizabeth reached a cave with a door and a huge knocker.She knocked at the door and came the dragon.He told a princess .I love princesses but I have already eaten a whole castle.So come back tomorrow.Then the dragon closed the door.Elizabeth knocked again and said "are you the smartest and fiercest dragon in the whole world'.Yes said the dragon.Can you burn up 50 forest with your fiery teeth.Yes said the dragon.With two of his fiery breaths he blew up 100 forests.Wow said Elizabeth.Then she asked the dragon,"Can you fly around the world in 10 seconds."Yes answered the dragon.Then the dragon flew around the world in 10 seconds.Nice said Elizabeth.The dragon was very tired aand took a nap.Elizabeth opened the door to the cave and freed Prince Ronald.He looked at Elizabeth and said I don't want to marry you.You are very dirty.Elizabeth said to Ronald.You are very lazy.Finally they did not get married at all.

ISBN-10: 0920236162
ISBN-13: 978-0920236161



I have a book about Chess. First i learned how do we move our pieces. The we played a game of chess only with pawns. Then we played with Rooks,Bishops and Knights. We learned a fork,pin and squeer. Me and my sister often played a game of chess. My father has still not taught me strategy. We even learnt castling. My favourite piece is the Rook because it can jump over the king once .

The raincoat race

Few day's back it was a raincoat race in my second grade.We had to go at the last period but we went at zero period. The raincoat race was like that we had to keep our raincoats far away from us and when Ma'am tells start ,we had to run and wear our raincoat and then run back to Ma'am. First Ma'am called few children. When it was my turn i was little nervous. But I came sixth in that race. The winners were Sneha and Shahul. Then we went back to class.

Seeing the movie Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray/DVD in Blu-ray Packaging) 

I had a field trip in my school.We had to pay Rs 200 for it.We went to Meenakshi mall to seemovie Finding Nemo .We got popcorn too.We had to wear 3D glasses while watching the movie.My friends got scared.I was not scared at all.It was so much Fun. My friend Riya P was crying in between the movie and my friend Anarghya was crying with one eye.Then we came back to school.

Sea Creatures

My favourite sea creature is Otter. Dolphins are very clever. An Octopus is very ugly. When its enemies come close, it squirts out some inky liquid. Blue Whale are the largest mammal on earth. When Blue whale comes upto the surface,they breathed out air so hard that we see water.Penguins are cute. The fastest swimmers are the sailfish. They attack fishes by stunning them with their dorsal fins. And then eat the fish. I love sea creatures.

Yeh Hai Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar

Yesterday when we were seeing Masterchef,we saw that the contestants were going to Mumbai.They were in another round in which they were divided in two groups.The groups names were Nile Nawab and Lal Badshah.They each had to run a shop at Chowpatty.Their goal was to get their customers to ring the bell if they liked the food and they had to gat a hundred rings of the bell.They have two hours so they chose their Captains.The Captain of Laal Badshah was Devyani and Nile Nawaab was Aditi.After that they got started .The Judges tasted the food and if they will like it they will ring the bell,it was not counted.They tried different
tricks to attract  people to their  stalls.Doyle fromLaal badshah told people that if you eat the food that we have made .I will show you a free dance.She danced on Fevicol! People kept on ringing the bells.Meanwhile Navneet of Nile nawab was not able to handle the crowd.So Aditi from the same team stepped in.At last Nile Nawab won.Laal Badshah had to go in another round.


Indra and Shibi

Once there was a king who followed dharma, his name was Shibi. Once the Gods Indra and Surya wanted to test him so they took form of a birds. Indra was an eagle and Surya was a dove. The dove was being chased by the eagle. So the dove asked Shibi to save him from the eagle. Shibi was protecting the dove when the eagle came and told him,"O king let the dove go." But the king said no I cannot let the dove go as it has asked me to save him form you. The king told ,"If I give it to you the dove will die." The Eagle told if you don't give it to me then I will die.Shibi was in deep thought, he said I can give you anything except the Dove. The Eagle said give me your flesh It should weigh how much is the dove. The King gave some flesh but the dove was heavier. At last he himself stood on teh weigh scale and asked who are you. You do nnot look like birds. The Eagle replied I am Indra and the dove  is Surya. We came here to test you . We are very happy and we bless you. After saying this Indra and Surya went back to heaven.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

How jenny told Jessica how important is clue search

Once there was a girl named Jessica who was very careless girl. Once she was playing a game called Angry Gran Run on the Ipad. When she heard her phone ring she ran and kept Ipad somewhere and answered the phone When she finished her phone call she started searching for Ipad but she could not find it. She called her best friend Jenny, who always had a solution to any problem. Jessica said,"O Jenny I cannot find my Ipad,what should I do." Jenny said I should we should play a clue search game. Jessica agreed to it. The next day Jessica invited Jenny to her house. I will hide the clues said Jenny. When Jessica was in the balcony Jenny hid thee clues. When Jessica was searching something caught her eye. It was black in color and next to her Attic bed, it was her Ipad. She was so happy she thanked Jenny and promised never to be careless again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows

Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure (Kindle)

 My favourite character was Collete in this book. She has four other friends. Their names are Nicky, Violet, Paulina and Pamela. Let me introduce them. Collete wants to be a fashion writer. She loves the color pink. Her secret? She's always late. The most relaxing thing for her is having a manicure and Pedicure. She is energetic and full of great ideas. Collete lives in France. Nicky loves exploring. Her nickname is Nic. Her secret? Nicky is claustrophobic she can't stand being in small, tight places. Nicky is always excited as long as she is outdoors. She stays in Australia. Violet wants to be a great Violionist. Her nickname is Vic. Her Secret? if she doesn't sleep she can be a grouch. The most relaxing thing for her is listening to music and drinking green tea. Violet lives in China. Paulina is a computer genius. Her nickname is Polly. Her secret? She is a bit shy and can be a bit clumsy. She wants to be a scientist. She lives in Peru. Loves helping other rodents. She loves travelling and is very close to her sister Maria. Pamela wants to be a sports journalist or a car mechanic. Her nickname is Pam. She loves pizza, pizza and pizza. She can eat it for her breakfast. She can't stand arguments. Her secret: she is very impulsive. Give her a screwdriver and any mechanical problem will be solved. Now that I introduced them to you.

ISBN-10: 0545481872
ISBN-13: 978-0545481878

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory
H. A. Rey (Author), Margret Rey (Author)

There was a curious little monkey named George. He lived with the man in the yellow hat. Once George went for a drive with the man in the yellow hat. On their way they saw a chocolate factory. The man said’’ look George  there is a chocolate factory. Let’s go there for a treat. George loved chocolates. The man in the yellow hat found his favourites write away. He said ‘’George please stay out of trouble.  When the man in the yellow hat went George looked around. He saw many chocolates. Then he saw something. Some people were looking through some window. What are they looking at  he thought curiously? He climbed up the window to get a good look.He saw a door to get in the other side of the window.There a saw a guide showing people different types of chocolate.George found his favourite banana cream.George followed the people untill they reached the balcony.On the other side of the balcony he saw a room where chocolate was made.George was curious.He climbed down the balcony and up onto a machine. George peeked inside a machine. All of a sudden the chocolates started coming out extra fast.’’ Quick! Bring in more boxes’’ yelled a worker. Nobody noticed George. The workers kept on becoming slow but the chocolates were coming fast. Meanwhile George  saw his favourite chocolate whiz by. He tried catching it but was not able to. He chased it to the end of the belt. At the end of the belt he saw a pile of chocolates.
He had never seen so many chocolates. He ate all banana cream chocolates and put all the other chocolates in the boxes. Someone saw him and told’’Get that monkey more boxes! He is helping us catch up. Just then the guide came in with the man in the yellow hat and screamed ‘’Get that monkey out of here it’s ruining our chocolates’’.’’He saved our chocolates’’ explained the workers to the guide. One of the workers gave him a box of chocolates but George said no the man in the yellow hat asked if he was sure? George was sure.

ISBN-10: 0395912148
ISBN-13: 978-0395912140