Monday, March 19, 2012

Geronimo Stilton - Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher (Geronimo Stilton, No. 28)
This is the story about Geronimo Stilton. He lived in New Mouse city. He used to run the Rodent  Gazette. Geronimo was invited to the Penny Pincher castle by Samuel.S.Stingysnout. He invited Geronimo, Thea, Trap, and Benjamin because a wedding was to take place in the castle. Patience Plainpaws was marrying Stevie Stingysnout. When Geronimo was in the boat he felt itching on his bums. It was itching so much that he took off his pants and started scratching. Stevie used to treat Patience very badly. After some time they heard someone crying. It was coming from the terrace. It was Patience. She was crying because Stevie had treated her badly. Thea told Patience to throw away those grey clothes and to wear red and green clothes. Thea took Patience to a make-up parlour. When Patience came back she looked so beautiful that Trap ran and brought a rose clutched in his teeth. He looked so shameless. Patience was shy because she was not used to being adored. In the end Stevie looked at Patience and asked her how much had it cost. Patience told Stevie that she expected him to be there. She told Stevie he didn't care for her. He only cared about money. She didn't want to marry him. It was all thanks to her new friend Thea. Thea told Patience to leave those two and to go to her house. Thea and Patience jumped on Thea'a bike and went away.  My favourite character is Thea because she helped Patience become confident. I didn't like Stevie because he treated Patience badly.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules

Rodrick Rules (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2)
This is the story about Greg, Manny, and Rodrick. They were brothers. Manny was naughty, Greg was mostly sad because he believed everything bad happened only to him. and Rodrick was always angry because he thought no one listened to him. After some days Rowly's birthday was coming. On Rowly's birthday he got many presents.  Rowly started playing hide and seek with all the people.After a few days there was a skills competition .  Rodrick didn't care about his studies and wanted to win first prize. He was practicing with his band. When the competition started, Rodrick's turn came. Rodrick's father was standing outside the auditorium with cotton stuffed inside his ears because he could not bare the sound of Rodrick's music because the music was too loud.  My favourite character is Manny.   it's because he tells his mother all the mistakes that Greg commits.  I didn't like the roll of Greg's mom. I didn't like her because  she turned the camera  towards herself.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet [Blu-ray]
This is the story of a lonely penguin named Mumble.  All penguins used to sing but Mumble couldn't , so he made a song with his feet. Once Mumble's mother Norma Jean set of to find food.After Norma Jean came back she saw that her baby was not there. Norma jean asked Memphis where is the baby. When Mumble grew up, no one liked him because he didn't sing. He danced instead. On his journey he met adorable penguins named Amigos. The Amigos took him to the guru Love Lace. Love Lace told Mumble that  the aliens where taking their fish. On his journey he halted on a penguin rescue center. Mumble requested  the people to return his fish. Alas nobody could understand Mumble. After three days Mumble lost his voice and after three months Mumble also lost his mind. But after some days a girl came and knocked at the window. Suddenly Mumble was able to dance. Everyone was happy, because Mumble was able to dance. My favourite character was Mumble. I liked him because he was very brave. I didn't like Mumble's father because he forced Mumble to go.