Sunday, March 2, 2014

Play it again Mallory

Hello! My name is Mallory. Want to know when I was selected for the spring showcase in my school. If you want to know read on. It all started like this in the morning... Mallory! Rise and shine time to go to school. I covered my head in my pillow and shouted "coming". I got of my bed and hurried downstairs for breakfast. I ate my breakfast changed into my dress and hurried to catch my school bus. When I reached school I kept my bag and went to join the assembly. The principal was standing there and announced that there will be a spring showcase. She introduced us to the teachers who would be teaching us. We had to fill forms to participate. We had ballet, orchestra, drama and band. In the form we had options like first choice, second choice and third choice. In first choice I filled ballet, in second choice I filled drama and in third choice I filled band. My best friend Mary Ann wanted to go in ballet as her first choice. The next day I ran to the corridor to see in what had I been selected. I searched in the people who were in ballet but my name wasn't there. It wasn't even in drama. It was in band. My shoulders drooped. Why was I selected in my third choice? My best friend Mary Ann was in her first choice ballet, even my friend Joey was in his first choice band and my friend Pamela was also in her first choice orchestra.  Now it is time for me to go for my band practice. I hurried to the room where we were supposed to do our practice. The name of our band teacher was Mrs.Anderson. Today she introduced us to brass instruments. She said that she will choose which instrument we have to play tomorrow. Tomorrow I went to the class where we have to practice our band. Over there Mrs Anderson announced who would play which instrument. When Mrs Anderson called out " Mallory will play the tuba". I thought it was a joke but when she handed a black case which was very big I knew that it was true. I had to learn twinkle twinkle little star on the tuba. Mrs Anderson asked me to try playing the song on the tuba. On the tuba I should have heard myself playing the tune of twinkle twinkle but instead I heard myself playing something which sounded more like a car's honk. Everyone started to giggle when they heard that. I turned a shade of bright red with embarrassment. This happened every single day. My mom asked me why wasn't I practicing? I told mom everything. She said that I should be more like my elder brother Max. I should practice playing my tuba everyday like my brother Max practiced playing or mostly banging on his snare drums. My mom said that I should talk to my teacher. She would help me with my problem. The next day I went to Mrs Anderson what the problem she said that I should practice everyday. She would take 10 minutes extra for me. I practiced every single day when I had spare time. Tonight was the dress rehearsals and after that the show would be there. I was very nervous and I was fretting all over. Before we went I went to the wish pond next to my house and wished that the show would go well and I did not mess up playing the tuba. We finished the dress rehearsals soon. After that when it was time for us to go onstage and play our instruments I started sweating a lot. We went onstage took our positions and started to play. At the starting I did not pay attention to the audience and instead I concentrated on the notes. Little by little I heard the tune of twinkle twinkle in deep notes. After we performed onstage Mrs Anderson called us to tell us that we were awesome. She called only me and said that I played very well. I said I couldn't have done it without your help. Then I went to my parents they also said that I played it well. Even my irritating brother Max said that I did it pretty well. We went home had dinner and then my parents said that Mary Ann was coming over for a sleepover. I was so happy that I started jumping up and down but my brother muttered "why did birdbrain have to come for a sleepover". We planned to have a all-night-awake sleepover. Before going to bed we planned of practicing what we did in school for the show. We practiced it and after that we were so tired that we canceled the all-night-awake sleepover. We scrambled up our beds and as soon as our head hit the pillow we fell asleep.