Friday, November 25, 2011

Mahabharata by Namita Gokhale

 Puffin Mahabharata by Namita Gokhale
1 Arjun-was a pandav
2. Bheema- was the son of Vayu.
3.Karna-died unarmed.
4. Bheeshma-died at Arjun's hands.
5.Duryodhan-was cruel.
6.Draupadi-came out of  fire.
7.Kripacharya-was  a rishi.
8.Dushasana-pulled Draupadi's hair.
9 .Dhritrashtra-was blind.
10.Gandhari-had hundred sons.
11.Shantanu-married Ganga.j
12.Ganesh-wrote the Mahabharata.
13.Sahdev-was the youngest Pandav.
14.Drona-was the teacher of  the Pandavs and Karuravs.
15.Krishna-killed Shishupal.
16.Kansa's-sister was Devki.
17.Balrama's-weapon was a gada.
18.Pandu- was cursed.
19.Vidur -was wise.
20.Nakul-and Sadev were twins.
21.Hanuman-sat  on Arjun's  flag.
22.Shikhandi-was born a woman.
23.Jarasandha-was joined by Jara.
24.Yuyutsu-had spoken in the rajsabha.
25.Rukmi-was Rukmini's brother.
26.Vedvaysa's-sons were Pandu,Vidur,Dritrashtra.
27.Abhimanyu's-death was because of Jayadrath
28.Jayadrath's-father told that who cased his head fell on the ground would be turned to ashes.
29Ambalika-when she saw Vedvayasa she started shivering.
30.Ambika-saw Vedvaysa and closed her eyes.
31.Amba-didn't want to marry Vichitravirya.


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