Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Feet

Happy Feet [Blu-ray]
This is the story of a lonely penguin named Mumble.  All penguins used to sing but Mumble couldn't , so he made a song with his feet. Once Mumble's mother Norma Jean set of to find food.After Norma Jean came back she saw that her baby was not there. Norma jean asked Memphis where is the baby. When Mumble grew up, no one liked him because he didn't sing. He danced instead. On his journey he met adorable penguins named Amigos. The Amigos took him to the guru Love Lace. Love Lace told Mumble that  the aliens where taking their fish. On his journey he halted on a penguin rescue center. Mumble requested  the people to return his fish. Alas nobody could understand Mumble. After three days Mumble lost his voice and after three months Mumble also lost his mind. But after some days a girl came and knocked at the window. Suddenly Mumble was able to dance. Everyone was happy, because Mumble was able to dance. My favourite character was Mumble. I liked him because he was very brave. I didn't like Mumble's father because he forced Mumble to go.

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