Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Knight at Dawn-Magic Tree House, No. 2

The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House, No. 2)
This is the second magic tree house book. Jack was 8 and a half years old. Annie was seven years old. Jack and Annie were exited because they had discovered a magic tree  house. It was dark and Jack was awake. He woke Annie up and they both went to the magic tree house. They found a book about Knights and Castles. They made a wish and the tree house took them to a world of knights and castles. Jack and Annie saw dogs fighting for bones. Jack tried a heavy armor. They actually got caught by men in the castle. Annie had a flashlight in her hand. They used it to escape from the men. They found a secret trapdoor. The trapdoor led them to a secret passage way. Jack peeked and saw they would fall inside the moat. He started climbing down. He slipped and fell into the moat. Annie fell into the moat too! She helped Jack come out of the moat. A night helped them back to the tree house. Then they went back to the time today. My favourite character was Jack because he believes in books. In this book it is a little dangerous because in their first adventure they just get close to a dinosaur. The second adventure they got caught by men

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