Sunday, April 21, 2013

Petal and the Eternal Bloom,
Elise Allen
In this book my favourite character was . She’s my favourite character because she loves flowers, has short hair and can read and tell messages through her mind. Petal has four friends their names are Melody, Silky, Bizzy and Pinx. Melody loves singing. If she sings, then it can make the bad people feel that they are in an enchanted world. She can even transform into things. Silky loves light. She uses it to blind bad people’s eyes. When she is angry a flash of light comes out of her body. Pinx loves fashion. She owns a fashion house where she makes clothes and is very famous. She can even turn invisible. Bizzy loves chanting spells. She has an elder sister named Berry. Most of the time she chants the spells wrong. This book is about when they have to find a talisman the talisman is the eternal bloom. Will they find it? Want to know then read the book.

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