Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scarlet the Garnett Fairy

Scarlett: The Garnet Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 2)

Hello! my name is Anvita. I am going to tell you about a book. The books name is Scarlett the garnet fairy. In the story there are two girls. Their names are Rachel and Kirsty. They had to help Scarlett find her garnet. Do you know how the magic jewels from queen titania's crown were stolen? I''ll tell you how they were stolen. Evil Jack Frost stole them. He took them to his icy castleThe magic jewels were  so hot, that his icy castle started melting! In anger he through the jewels far away in the human world. He even sent his goblin servants to guard the jewels so that the  fairies would not be able to find the jewels. I even want to tell you how they found the garnet. Rachel, Kirsty and Scarlett decided to split. Scarlett would search  in the vegetable patch while the girls would search in the farm.

When The girls were looking in the farm, they saw a shining thing on top of a pile of hay. Suddenly they felt themselves shrinking! They started to climb the haystack. When they reached at the top of the haystack they saw the garnet. Both of them were trying to call Scarlett, but their voices had shrunk! Suddenly Kirsty had an idea. She turned the garnet in the way to the vegetable patch. Scarlett turned around to see what was shining. It was her garnet.

A scarecrow near the haystack moved. Rachel,Kirsty and Scarlett stared in horror, it was a goblin. It was walking towards the haystack! Scarlett was flying faster towards the garnet but the garnet started working it's magic! This time Rachel and Kirsty didn't shrink but instead grew and because the haystack could not bear the girls weight, the girls started to sink. Kirsty quickly through the garnet towards Scarlett. The goblins tried catching it but failed to. Scarlett caught the garnet but the garnet was so heavy that she started to sink to the ground! One of the goblins took of his hat and caught Scarlett in the hat. He even closed the opening of the hat so that Scarlett should not escape. They laughed with glee. The girls scrambled of the haystack. Rachel had an idea. She let Buttons and Cloud of their leash. The dogs ran towards the goblins. The goblins ran an climbed up the scarecrow stand. The goblins asked the girls to take away the dogs.
The girls told only if you free Scarlett. The goblins agreed, but they told the garnet will stay with them. The girls agreed. The goblins let Scarlett free. The garnet started working its magic again. The goblin holding the hat started shrinking. Kirsty snatched the hat out of the goblins hand and gave it to Scarlett. Scarlett recharged her wand with the garnet. She thanked Rachel and Kirsty and went. Now I even told you about how they got the garnet back. This was my favourite book because the plot was different. Please read the book.


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