Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Visit to the Strand Book Stall Sale

My Visit to the Strand Book Stall Sale

Hello! My name is Violet. Want to know my exciting mousy adventure? If you want to know read it. In the morning when I woke up my father called me. 

I knew it would be a mouse - tastic day today. I ran up to my  father. He told me we were going  to the mousy bookstore. We all were very excited. We brushed our teeth, ate our breakfast and got dressed. We were ready to go to the bookstore. We reached there after an hour.
We pulled into the parking lot and got out of our car. When we got out we realized, it was raining. We mice hate to get wet. We quickly ran into the bookstore. My parents met the owner of the bookstore. Her name was Vidya. She was my fathers friend. After meeting her we stepped inside. When I saw the kids section I ran to it. Everyone were staring at me. I blushed. How embarrassing!
Suddenly my father came and gave me 300 rupees. He said''you are a very good girl at home so I am giving you some money. I was very happy. I didn't know which book to get. My mother helped me pick a few books. I looked at all the books. I picked out two of them. They were from the A to Z mystery books series. The books names were- The Deadly Dungeon and The Missing Mummy. My father said ''you two little mice are going to pay the money yourselves''. I was a bit nervous at first. But I got some courage and I did it! Then we got back home to our cozy mouse hole. I was so sleepy that when my head hit the pillow I was already asleep!

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