Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Silky and the Rainbow feather

Silky and the Rainbow Feather (Enid Blyton's Enchanted World)

Hello friends! My name is Anvita. Want to know about a book's story. Want to know about it? Then read on! First off, I will introduce you to the characters in the book.

Silky:  Silky is a fairy. She has magic powers. When she is very angry and she concentrates on herself a burst of light can come out of her which can blind any fairy, pixie or elf. Her best friend is a Sylvite boy named Zuni. He has a beautiful unicorn named Misty. Both of them have a secret place under the Chestnut tree where they spend time playing together and talking together. Silky loves to visit the lands that come on top of the tree house. Sometimes she gets into trouble in the tree house but she never minds. The Angry pixie calls Silky a loud mouthed fairy because she is always shouting the good news to everyone who lives in the tree house. Her parents live in fairyland which is far away from her.

Melody:  Melody is a fairy who lives in Fairyland and Silky is her best friend. Melody can sing a lullaby that can put anyone to sleep in the wink of an eye. She can dance very well too. She has magic powers like every fairy does. She can turn herself into anything if she concentrates on that thing which she wants to transform herself into. Her hobby is to dance and sing all day long. If you hear her voice you will find it very melodious. She sings and dances in a very high tower. It has many floors in it. There is one Melody in each floor which makes it hard to recognize which is the real Melody because they sound the same too! He is a beautiful fairy with Light Green eyes her hair is tied in up neatly into a ponytail. 

Petal:  Petal is a fairy. She has magic powers which helped her talk to plants, animals and birds. She spends all her time in between these creatures playing with them, talking to them and scolding them. She is a fairy who has blond hair which is Brown in color. Her dress is decorated with beautiful flowers and leafy green leaves on it. She lives in the Fairyland farms. She lives with her uncle and aunt over there. She can't stand it when the plants, animals, birds or insects are hurt. She used to play with Silky, Melody, Pinx and Berry in her childhood. She can even speak to the birds, animals and plants. Her best friend is Silky. She is very caring with animals.
Pinx:  Pinx is a fairy who is Silky's best friend. She is an awesome fashion designer. She even designs dresses for famous actresses in Fairyland. She has a magical power which helps her turn invisible. She uses that power in times of trouble or when her costumers are pushing and shoving or are too impatient. She has all the material required for good dresses like rufflellatas, pooflepoofs, feathers, bubbloons, flowers, leaves, glitter, ribbons and different shades of cloth. She will be furious if anyone dares to spoil her beautiful handmade dresses. She is a girl who's hair is pink. Her hair is tied up into ponytails of two which look more like two zigzags of hair. She wears a pink t-shirt and she has a necklace around her neck. She wears a short skirt and Multicolored stockings. She wears Candy pink shoes.

Bizzy: Bizzy is a fairy too. She knows magic spells. She has an elder sister named Berry. Bizzy's spells mostly go wrong. She always used to ruin games when she was around. She wears a frock and her curly black hair is neatly held back with an Orange hairband she has beautiful orange heels on her dainty feet. She makes mistakes but they sometimes help them a lot. She tries various new spells but they become Basic Bizzy Blunder what she calls them. She recites the spells words wrong like Slithel-little-hiss-n-fiddle this spell was supposed to magic a snake but instead it was transformed into a rake. She is a very sweet , kind, gentle and funny. She never likes hurting anyone's feelings.

I will now tell you the mystery. A new land has settled on top of the tree house - it is called Mine All Mine. Silky is very excited to see the land. She whizzes up to the land but the new land is not as friendly as she thinks it is. Talon the troll from the new land traps her in his pocket and steals the Faraway trees magic Talismans which protect the tree from dying. Witch Whisper comes and hides all the talismans in the same place from where they came. Silky asks Clue catcher which is the knew land on top of the tree house. He says it is Fairyland. Silky is overjoyed because all her friends are there and that is the place where she is born. She zooms up and asks all her friends if they want to join her in her adventure. All of them Melody, Petal and Pinx say yes. But Berry says no. In place of Berry her younger sister Bizzy wants to join. They say yes. They have to find the Rainbow feather which is as big as one arm. Pinx says that it is on the dress she is making for Princess Twilleria's for the Sweet Centennial ball. They say that after the party they will carefully tear it off the dress. But Talon comes and rips the feather off the dress before the party is over. How will the fairies save the feather? Want to know? Then read this book - "Silky and the Rainbow Feather".

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this information about the book. See you next time. I will have a better story next time. Wait till my next story. Bye friends!!!!

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