Saturday, April 12, 2014

The worst witch saves the day

The Worst Witch Saves the Day

Hello! My name is Anvita. Want to know about the characters of this book? Want to know then read on.

Mildred:  Mildred is the main character in the book. Like every witch in Miss Cackle's Academy she also had a cat but not a black cat it was a tabby cat. Mildred always gets into trouble at the starting of her term. In this book she gets her friend Maud's styling comb get stuck in her hair. When Ethel her enemy tries to help she cuts the hair which is stuck in the comb leaving a big tuft of hair sticking out of her head. Ethel felt sorry and cut her hair in different sizes. When Mildred tried making a regrowth spell for her hair it went right but it grew so long that it went in the first standard students room which was two floors down! Her tabby cat slipped of her bed and desperate to save his life he clung on to Mildred's hair! Let's move on to the other characters.

Ethel:  Ethel is Mildred's number one enemy. When Ethel saw Mildred's problem in subjects she made Mildred her no.1 target. Ethel once asked our form three teacher if she can take in charge because our form three teacher was tired and wanted to have a nap. Our teacher said yes as she thought Ethel was very responsible. Ethel smiled as our teacher went to take a nap. Ethel knew it was perfect time to take revenge on Mildred and her friends. She knew Mildred's tabby cat was very frightened when he was on a broomstick so she swiftly snatched the tabby cat out of Mildred's hands and put him where her own cat was perched then sat on her broomstick and soared in the air!

Miss Hardbroom:  Miss Hardbroom was Mildred's form one teacher and her form two teacher. She is always annoyed with Mildred as she is always gets into trouble. Miss Hardbroom was the one who cut Mildred's hair short and cleared the mess which was a pile of hair. Miss Hardbroom always wants discipline in her class. 

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