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The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

The Maze Runner, by James Dashner
I decided to read this series quite on accident. One of my mother’s friend had given us some books. One of the books included the fourth book in the Maze Rubber series. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start reading this series. There are five books in all, the first three being the main books, and the other two being prequels. My favourite books were the first one – The Maze Runner, and the last one – The Fever Code. The main books talk about a boy named Thomas who remembers nothing except his name. He wakes up to find himself with a bunch of boys, all who are like him, stranded in a maze with nothing except their name. The boys call the place the glade and themselves Gladers. Every month, a new person is introduced into the Glade, and this time it is Thomas. After Thomas arrives, the next day, another person is put in, and it is the first girl in the whole group. There are openings in the Glade and hey close every night. This keeps monsters called Grievers out of the living residence. The doors in the Glade stop closing and that the Grievers outside can get to them. Thomas and his friends figure out that a group called WICKED have trapped them in the maze and they manage to escape, but WICKED isn’t done with them yet. They put the Gladers into many other tasks in order to obtain a cure for a disease which has taken over the population of the world and is driving people to madness. They will not stop until they find a cure, even if that means that many lives will be taken. Will Thomas and his friends escape before WICKED’s experiments claim yet more lives, and this time, perhaps theirs?

I fell in love with this series after reading the blurb. It sounded gripping, much like a thriller, a genre of books I particularly enjoy. The author, James Dashner, managed to keep up the suspense, and when you read the fifth book, you are surprised to find the whole truth, as the main books leave a lot of unanswered questions which the fifth book answers. I would recommend the series for ages 13 above, because the books have a few gruesome deaths which can be disturbing to read.

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