Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thea Stilton and the Prince's Emerald: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure

Thea Stilton and the Prince's Emerald: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure
My favourite character was Paulina because she helped the monkeys escape. Paulina has four more friends. Their names are Nicky, Colette,Violet and Pamela. Let me introduce them to you. Nicky lives in Australia. Her nickname is Nic. Her secret? Nicky is claustrophobic. She can’t stand being in small tight places. Her weakness? She can’t sit still. She is always in a good mood as long as she is outdoors. Collete lives in France. She loves the colour pink. She wants to be a fashion writer. Her weakness? She is always late. She is energetic and full of great ideas. Her secret? To relax, there is nothing more she likes than to have a manicure and pedicure. Violet lives in China. Her nickname is Vi. She wants to be a great violinist. Her weakness? She is a bit sensitive and can’t stand being teased. If she doesn’t sleep she can be a big grouch. Her secret? She likes to listen to classical music and drink green tea. Paulina lives in Peru. She a computer genius. Her weakness? She can be bit shy and can be a bit clumsy to. She loves helping other rodents and is fairly close to her sister Maria. She wants to become a scientist. Her nickname is Polly. Pamela lives in Tanzania. Her nickname is Pam. She loves pizzas. She can eat them for her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her weakness? She is impulsive. She is a peacmaker and can’t stand arguments. She wants to become a sports journalist or a car mechanic. Give her a screwdriver and a mechanical problem and it will be solved. In this book the mystry is that they have to go to Chennai in India. There are many monkeys roaming in the street. The monkeys were acting very strange. They were getting attracted to jewelry instead of food! The maharaj’s son was Lakshman. He had  worn the crown which his father had given him it had a jewel in it. But one of the monkeys stole it. Will they find it or not? Want to know? Read the book. THE END

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