Monday, July 8, 2013

Amy the Amethyst Fairy

Amy: The Amethyst Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 5)

In this book there are two girls. Their names are Rachel and Kirsty. In this book the girls are surprised in the park the ladders are vanishing. Is the magic amethyst close by? Want to know? Read the adventure. Kirsty was staying at Rachel’s house for their vacation. Rachel was taking Kirsty to Tippington Manor. Tippington Manor is a place where you can buy flowers. Rachel’s dad loved Orchids. That’s why they w ere here. The place was very beautiful. Rachel’s dad said ‘’you girls can go and play in the park if you want. We will be back in a while.’’ Saying this they left.

Kirsty and Rachel walked towards the playground. The playground looked lovely. It had a big tree house with many ladders. The tree house had many circle shaped windows and a large door. Both the girls were climbing up and down the ladders when they saw that some of the ladders were disappearing and reappearing. When they were walking on the bridge one of the planks disappeared and again reappeared. They were thinking if the amethyst was near or not. While they were thinking the wind blew Rachel’s ribbon away.  The ribbon was dangling  from a branch of a tree. Rachel could not reach the ribbon. Rachel saw a fairy swinging on her ribbon. She recognized the fairy at once.

It was Amy the amethyst fairy. She had a purple frock and pants. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She had purple shoes and a necklace. Kirsty saw a shiny thing, it was the amethyst. Before she could grab it, a goblin grabbed it. Kirsty and Amy looked terrified. They started chasing the goblin. There were three more goblins in the tree house. The Goblin holding the amethyst threw it to the goblin in the tree house. The other goblin got it and started running away from the girls. The goblin jumped onto a safety net below the tree house. The girls told Amy to shrink them to the size of the fairy. They flew and started to distract the goblins.
The goblin with the amethyst was not getting distracted, instead  he was heading towards the exit ladder. Rachel saw a rope, she asked Amy if she could make her into a human. Amy did that and Rachel swung from the rope and snatched the amethyst from the goblin. The goblins were angry and told Rachel to give it back. She refused so and amethyst Amy made a slide appear. The girls slid down and when the goblins came down, they were standing right below the net. So Amy made the net fall on the goblins. The goblins were tangled. Amy touched the tip of her wand to the amethyst and it was safely back in fairyland. Rachel’s father came back. Rachel and Kirsty bid farewell to Amy and went.

ISBN-10: 0439935326
ISBN-13: 978-0439935326

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