Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lucy the Diamond Fairy

Lucy: The Diamond Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 7)

 There are two girls in this story. Their names are Rachel and Kirsty. 
This book is about how they help their fairy friends. Kirsty was staying
at Rachel’s house for their summer holidays. Their fairy friends ,the
party fairies has given them a musical box. It has a small fairy on top.
Suddenly Rachel heard a noise it was the musical box playing a song.
Both the girLS  goT to know the fairies were in fairyland and that they
needed help there. They were given lockets by the fairy queen. If they
wished to go tHERE  they put a pinch of fairy dust on their heads and in
the blink of an eye they reached there. They sprinkled the dust on
their heads and reached fairyland. They saw that none of the fairies has
wings. Rachel asked the queen how did this happen? The queen replied
the diamond’s power  has run out, that’s why we don’t have wings. A
fairy stepped in front and said, “Do you see that tree? The diamond is
somewhere there.”

The fairy’s name was Lucy. She was the diamond fairy.
Rachel and Kirsty started climbing the tree. They realized it was very
high but they didn’t want to disappoint their fairy friends. When they
reached the top they saw the sun setting. Suddenly the stars started
twinkling. They saw a very bright star. They realized it was the
diamond. When they were about to grab the diamond Jack Frost appeared.
Jack Frost cast a spell which frightened them away. They climbed down
the tree and told Lucy what has happened. They made a plan. In the plan
they needed Pegasu s. Pegasus was a flying horse. They sat on him and
flew where the diamond was. They saw Jack Frost.

Kirsty and Rachel
started distracting Jack Frost. Meanwhile Lucy grabbed the diamond.
Suddenly Jack Frost heard the noise of Pegasus wings. He turned around
and saw what was happening he got angry and cast a spell which made an
icy thunderbolt appear. It was about to hit Pegasus wings! But he
quickly dodged the thunderbolt which almost made Lucy fall off. Because
of that the grip on the diamond got loose and fell out of Lucy’s hand!
But Kirsty caught the diamond just in time. Jack Frost saw that and
quickly cast a spell on Kirsty wings. But Pegasus caught her on her on
the back. Lucy asked Pegasus to fly faster. Lucy asked Kirsty to stretch
her hand. She touched the diamond with the tip of her wand and the
jewel disappeared and reappeared in the queen’s crown. The queen quickly
undid the spell on Kirsty’s wings and trapped Jack Frost in a place
from where he would not be able to get out. Rachel and Kirsty got a 
ring as a present where all the gems on the queen’s crown was there.
They bid farewell and went.


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