Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Six Spellmakers Of Dorabji Street

The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street, by Shabnam Meenwalla

Nivi, a young 12-year old has shifted to a quiet street in a boxy grey building where her family thinks is perfect for her to grow up . She is greeted quite comfortably by all her neighbors excluding  pie Mrs Braganza and crafty old Mrs Katodia.  These two old ladies are enemies but share one thing in common, their hatred for children and feel like destroying the peace in Cosy Castle and get the right opportunity when the boys in Cosy Castle playing cricket make one small mistake that gives Mrs Braganza and  Mrs Katodia referred to 'the dragon and the crone' the upper hand and this leads to the cutting of the beautiful Bimbli trees that Nivi, Sarita, Venu, Vijay, Nikhil and Rehaan referred to 'the six spellmakers' love. These old ladies join hands in order to plot against the children in Cosy Castle. Watch out spellmakers! There is trouble brewing up at Cosy Castle.

This book written by Shabhnam Minwalla is about a two hundred page long book which is an adventurous book which includes fantasy, but has touches of humour added to it. In this book all the characters have their own speciality. It stars Nivi as a shy girl who can open up when her near or dear ones are in danger. Sarita is a don't careish kind of girl and both of these girls share one thing in common which is their belief in fairies. Shabhnam Minwalla has written this book in a way in which once you pick up the book you don't feel like leaving the book till the last page. This book is a book that one must not miss.

To find out more join the six spellmakers down the lane of Dorabji Street in Mumbai and enter Cosy Castle to join them to find out the sinster plan of those two crafty ladies. Please read this book, The Six Spellmakers Of Dorabji Street.

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