Monday, August 28, 2017

Thea Stilton and the Legend of the Fire Flowers - Review

Thea Stilton and the Legend of the Fire Flowers (Thea Stilton Graphic Novels Book 15)

Hello! My name is Colette. Meet my friends Nicky, Violet, Paulina and Pamela. We are the Thea sisters. We love solving mysteries. Do you want to know one of our mysteries? If you want to know then read it! This story is about how we save people from getting killed from the hot lava of the mountain Mauna Loa. The story is when our friend Thea got freedom from her brother to go out on a vacation. You might be wondering why she had to take permission from her brother to go for a vacation? Its because her brother is the publisher and he is even an author. She is only a special correspondent for the Rodent Gazzette. Do you now understand why? So she took a flight to Whale island. She was so very excited to know how we did it. We narrated the adventure. We had come to Hawaii for a dance competition. We even saw our enemy was also participating! When we were staying in the hotel we got a call from professor van Kraken that the Mauna Loa is going to erupt! The next day we went to get information about the mountain but every single mouse said it was not going to erupt. We met an old mouse sitting next to the ocean. We asked him if it was going to erupt he said yes we were surprised that every mouse said no but this mouse said yes. When we were wondering how was this true we saw a white dog. The old mouse sighed.
He said the mountain is going to erupt because there was a legend that if we see a white dog the mountain will erupt. When we got to know about this we thought we had better investigate. In the afternoon it was dark we thought we had better see the observatory lab. When we saw the observatory lab we noticed that the digital selector was connected to professor Crusterson's computer!It was shocking! It meant that professor Crusterson was selecting information about the mountain for the other researchers that's why the other researchers were not able to know about the unknowing eruption. Suddenly a clapping noise filled the room. it was professor Crusterson, Sammy Sharkfur and two fake policemen! They were the dishonest mice. They locked us up in the basement of the observatory lab. Even if we screamed no one could hear us but we heard a noise it was the elderly mouse. He untied all of us and led us out of the basement. The next day we warned every one that the mountain is going to erupt . Our enemy Ruby said that nothing was going to happen but I pulled her and her crew out of the hotel just before the hot lava reached the hotel. The dishonest mice were arrested and all the mice were safe outside. Wasn't it a scary adventure? hope you enjoyed it.

© 2017, Anvita Agarwal. All rights reserved.
(this was originally written in 2014, but not posted)

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