Monday, May 27, 2013

Pirates Past Noon  by  Mary Pope Osborne (Author), Sal Murdocca (Illustrator) 

Jack and Annie had many adventuers in the magic tree house.Once it was raining and jack and Annie were bored.They thought th M person might be back.They thought the tree house was back.So they wear their raincoats and went out.They saw the tree house was back.Annie picked up a book named Pirates.Annie wished they could go there.When they reached there,it was so hot that they took off their raincoats.Annie was telling jack something and he took notes.When he was taking notes,he saw a ship with a skull on it.He told Annie to run.When he was running his spectacles fell down.He picked it up and ran.He realised he had left the book.He picked up the pick but before he could run,pirate came and caught him.Annie ran out of the treehouse and kicked the pirate.The pirate's name was Cap n  bones.He was in search of cap'n kid's treasure.He didn't know how to read so he asked jack and Annie to read it.They read it to cap n Bones.After that he took them in the ship.When they reached the island they started to dig. When they were digging a storm came.Cap'n Bones and the people digging went in the ship.A parrot was telling Jack to go back in the tree house because Annie was already there.He went in the tree house and wished he could go back home.When they were about to climb down the ladder the parrot came and turned into a wome.She said "my name is Morgan Le Fay".She told the something and said "I have to go back home"She said good bye and went Jack and Annie went back home.

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