Monday, May 27, 2013

Roo's Babysitter

Roo's Babysitter, Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Kanga told Roo;"Roo I am going out for shopping,your babysitter is going to arrive.Roo doesnot like being babysitted.His babysitter was Pooh.After Kanga went Roo told  pooh that babysitter's pick apples.They picked lots of apples.Pooh was on a higher branch so he lost balance and fell on Roo's branch.They cooked their supper and took a bubble bath.Pooh wiped Roo's body.Suddenly Pooh couldnot find Roo.He heard a jumping sound,it was Roo Jumping.He wore his clothes.Pooh told Roo it was his strengthning medicine time.Suddenly Pooh was feeling tired so he asked Roo to give him the medicine.Pooh told Roo "you are good at babysitting."When Kanga came home he saw pooh babysitting Roo.Kanga told ofcourse you are my dear.

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