Monday, May 27, 2013

Stallion by Starlight

Magic Tree House #49: Stallion by Starlight (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))  
Mary Pope Osborne (Author), Sal Murdocca (Illustrator)

This book is about how they meet Alexander and save a horse. The horse’s name was Bucephalus . This is how the story starts.. Annie told Jack ‘’your notebook is beautiful’’. Jack felt happy. Suddenly they heard a noise. They knew that noise. When they were about to go out their father asked them if they want to have some lemonade but they said no. When they went out they saw Penny. They saw the tree house and climbed into it and saw Merlin. Merlin told them’’ in the next four missions you have to find the secrets of greatness and take this bottle and this ring’’. They wished they could go there. When they reached they saw someone teaching people Jack and Annie pretended to be students. When the teacher was telling the students something Annie told Jack ‘’he is teaching wrong things’’. Jack said’’ it’s okay’’. Annie spoke up’’ you are teaching wrong things sir’’. After that   Annie said something to the teacher. The teacher said his name was Aristole. I am going to the palace and teaching prince Alexander. You can come as well if you want. They agreed to the decision. As they were walking Aristole told Annie’’ girls are not allowed but I have not seen such a smart girl like you before. I will ask the king’’. The king said yes. When they entered the palace they all talked and talked and talked. After that the king asked Jack and Annie to teach prince Alexander what they had learnt from Aristole. Alexander took them to the garden there he asked Jack to take notes. Jack wrote bad things about the prince and after a few notes the prince asked Jack that he wanted to see what he had written.  Alexander asked Jack what is the meaning of what he wrote. Jack made excuse for what he wrote. Jack was not good at athelatics but Alexander was. The king came and ordered his guards to hit a horse. The horse’s name was Buecephalus. Alexander tried to save the horse but failed too. At night Jack and Annie went to see the horse. They thought let us help the horse. They still had the bottle which Merlin had given them. They smelled the bottle and wished they were horse trainers. They had fun with Buecaphalus and came back in the morning. In the morning Alexander got up and got angry at Jack and Annie because  they took a ride on the horse. Jack made him understand that the secret of greatness is humility. After that they bid goodbye and went home in the tree house. They left a paper that said humility in the tree house and went home.

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