Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Point Blank (Alex Rider Book 2) by Anthony Horowitz

Point Blank (Alex Rider Book 2)
 by Anthony Horowitz
category: fantasy, science fiction, horror
Age: 12+years
Reviewed by: Anvita
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In the last newsletter, I talked about a series called ‘Power of Five: Raven’s Gate’. The same author has written another best-selling series named ‘Alex Rider’. Filled with the hair-rising adventures of Alex Rider, a fourteen-year-old who is forced to take the place of his deceased uncle, Ian Rider, an undercover spy for MI6. He is sent on a mission to reveal the secrets of Point Blanc, a disciplinary school where the rich send their children to help keep their toes in line. The accidental deaths of two parents whose kids were at Point Blanc, makes the MI6 suspicious and they send Alex to investigate the place. He is disguised as the son of Sir David Friend, a rich man who owns a successful chain of supermarkets and is equipped with a set of clever gadgets to assist him. The genius of the plot of any of the books in this series is that the solution is so spectacularly clever that one cannot even think of it, yet when one reviews all the facts, everything adds up. Usually in books involving spies, they mostly mention the excitement of the profession, but this book takes a new perspective. It shows the dislike that Alex feels towards the agency and his profession. None of the scenes in the books sound very repetitive, as if the plot of this book is the same as the plot in other such books.
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