Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Last Ghost: A Belladonna Johnson Adventure by Helen Stringer

The Last Ghost: A Belladonna Johnson Adventure (Belladonna Johnson Mystery)
by Helen Stringer
Category: fiction: fantasy, horror
Age: 12+
Reviewed by: Anvita
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This is one of the books in the Belladonna Johnson series, which is written by Helen Stringer. It revolves around a girl named Belladonna Johnson who has the power to talk to ghosts. One day, all the ghosts slowly start to vanish, and that includes her dead parents, whose absence she never felt because she would talk to their ghosts. With the help of Steve, her friend, Belladonna has to find where all the ghosts are disappearing. Before her father disappears, he warns her that the doors are closing, leaving Belladonna puzzled. Which doors? Where are the ghosts going to? I thought that this book was full of mystery and adventure, and a lot of humour. Helen Stringer made you wonder where the ghosts could have gone at every step, and also introduced a new plot in the book adding more excitement and making you want to read the next book to find out what happens. She introduced a whole new story once the ghosts started disappearing which is what actually drew me to the book.

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