Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time Riders - Book 1 By Alex Scarrow

Time Riders - Book 1
By Alex Scarrow
category: fantasy, crime, thriller, science-fiction
Age: 12-16 years
Reviewed by: Anvita
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This book is a science fiction books series written by Alex Scarrow. It talks about a group called ‘The Agency’, whose main goal is to prevent people from meddling with the past to change the future. Three people, Liam, Maddy and Sal, who should have been dead, have been given the chance to join ‘The Agency’ and get to live life in secret. Foster, an old man who recruited them helps them run the agency. They work with the help of cyborgs, robots who can imitate human emotions. Their first mission is when a man called Kramer goes back to the time of Adolf Hitler and changes the past so that Hitler wins the world war. This results in a huge time wave. They now live in a place which is rigidly structured and the whole of New York city is bleak and grey. Liam and the cyborg Bob must go back in time to prevent Kramer from changing the past. Later Maddy, Sal and Foster find out that all their engines have shut down, and they need diesel to run them again. Meanwhile, another time wave strikes that ends up killing all life on earth and mutant cannibal creatures now live on Earth. How will the three bring back Bob and Liam without their engines working?

This series is very fascinating, as the part about time travel and the machines used is explained very well. The technique using which the three handle the problems with the help of Bob, their support unit, is truly unique, and none of the stories in the books is repetitive. Each character’s personality is different, allowing the hero to have some faults, showing that not everyone is perfect. To make the story better, Alex Scarrow has added a different plot. While the three are busy correcting history, they discover dark secrets about the agency. This makes it mystifying and each secret is very important to finding out the truth about the Agency.

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