Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yeh Hai Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar

Yesterday when we were seeing Masterchef,we saw that the contestants were going to Mumbai.They were in another round in which they were divided in two groups.The groups names were Nile Nawab and Lal Badshah.They each had to run a shop at Chowpatty.Their goal was to get their customers to ring the bell if they liked the food and they had to gat a hundred rings of the bell.They have two hours so they chose their Captains.The Captain of Laal Badshah was Devyani and Nile Nawaab was Aditi.After that they got started .The Judges tasted the food and if they will like it they will ring the bell,it was not counted.They tried different
tricks to attract  people to their  stalls.Doyle fromLaal badshah told people that if you eat the food that we have made .I will show you a free dance.She danced on Fevicol! People kept on ringing the bells.Meanwhile Navneet of Nile nawab was not able to handle the crowd.So Aditi from the same team stepped in.At last Nile Nawab won.Laal Badshah had to go in another round.

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