Saturday, June 22, 2013

How I felt when my classmate lost my book

I went to school one day. I was carrying two storybooks in my bag. I gave one of my story book to my classmate. She too had a story book which she gave it to me. After reading she asked me if she could take her book back and give mine. I told her to keep it. I will read the last 2 pages of her book then we can give it back. I asked the class  prefect help to ask her to give my book back. But he didn't ask her. At the end of the day I forgot to take the book back. But my friend saw her put that book in her bag. She told me about this during our dispersal what had happened. In the bus I was very angry and sad. I did not tell my parents about this for 2 days. On third day I told my parents about how she stole my book. My mother told that you ask her if she can buy the same book. I went to school and told Ma'am. Then my Ma'am helped me by asking that girl to get new book for me.                                                                                                 

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