Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pearl -The cloud fairy

Pearl: The Cloud Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies, No. 3) 

Their were two girls .Their names were Rachel and Kirsty.Nasty Jack Frost had banished the seven weather fairies, Rachel asked Kirsty.Kirsty replied ,it is cloudy.When kirsty and Rachel were dressing up,their mum called them for breakfast.They ate their breakfast.They saw pearl the cloud fairy.They went to the factory.Their they saw gobblins.The goblins took Rachel because Rachel was  a fairy.And they put her in a candy cloud.Pearl form Ribbon.Then Rachel ate the candy.Kristy and Rachel turned back to humans.Pearl put the feather on Doddle and Doddle said something .Pearl said Good bye.

ISBN-10: 0439813883
ISBN-13: 978-0439813884


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