Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clever Carmen

Once there was a pig named Carmen. She wasn't like other pigs. She knew how solve math problems and could tie her own shoelaces. Unlike other pigs she didn't like pig food. She remembered very horrible meal she had. One day an acorn and an apple fell in her pig pen. She tasted them and said "wow I have never tasted anything like this before." She wanted to eat acorns and apples her whole life. She got an idea. She went to the cow and asjed "Can you move the metal roof next to that tree? I will give you some of my pig food." The cow had never tasted pig food and thought it tasted nice and helped Carmen. Now when the cow tasted the food she realized it had no taste. Now Carmen went to the horse and asked "can you move that barrel to that apple tree. If you will I will give you my pig food." The horse thought "It looks rich and brown it might taste good." When he tasted it he felt as if he had eaten chopped trash. When he went to the sheep it said "I will move anything for you but don't give me pig food." Carmen asked the sheep "move a pipe next the metal roof" which the cow had moved. When the apples fell it rolled down the roof and went inside the pipe and bounced Carmen's pen and the acorns fell in the barrel and bounced into Carmen's pen. Carmen was the happiest pig in the world.

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