Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mahabharata Episode

Yesterday night I saw the Mahabharata. In that I saw the episode of Bharata. He was Shakuntala's son. He didn't know who should be the king after him because he had 9 sons. So he asked sage Kanva what should he do. Sage Kanva told something to Bharata. So Bharata webt back to Hastinapura his kingdom and announced that he thinks that some boy was his son and the court were shocked. After that Bharata went to his mother after the announcement. His mother was worried because he didn't make one of his sons crowned prince. After many kings had died Shantanu was the king. Once he was going out to hunt when he saw that from the river Ganga a beautiful woman came. He asked who are you? She replied I am Ganga and who are you? I am Shantanu. Will you marry me asked Shantanu. Ganga said no. The next day he again went to Ganga. She came out after sometime and he asked the question again and Ganga said yes I will marry you one condition you should never ask a question if you do I will give an answer but I will leave you forever. Shantanu agreed to the condition and got married. After that they had a son but Ganga took the baby and drowned it. She did for six more babies. When she about to drown the eighth one Shantanu stopped her. He said give the child to me and why are you doing this. Ganga said you broke your promise. I am doing this because in your previous birth you were in heaven and Indra's friend. I cam and took a seat with my father Brahma. You kept staring at me suddenly my dupata came off but still you kept staring at me. My father got annoyed and cursed us and 8 more vasus that we will be born on earth. The vasus pleaded so I told, you will birth in my stomach and as soon as you are born I will thrown them in the water. But I think this one will ahve to live here said Ganga. Give me my child said Shantanu. I will give you when it is the time to give you. Saying that Ganga left. He was worried after Ganga had left. He once saw arrows shooted between the Ganga river. The water was getting less and less. He took his bow and arrow ready to shoot when he saw Ganga and another boy shooting the arrows that blocked the river's way. Ganga said this is your son Devavrata. Shantanu was very happy to see him.

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