Saturday, June 22, 2013


Indra and Shibi

Once there was a king who followed dharma, his name was Shibi. Once the Gods Indra and Surya wanted to test him so they took form of a birds. Indra was an eagle and Surya was a dove. The dove was being chased by the eagle. So the dove asked Shibi to save him from the eagle. Shibi was protecting the dove when the eagle came and told him,"O king let the dove go." But the king said no I cannot let the dove go as it has asked me to save him form you. The king told ,"If I give it to you the dove will die." The Eagle told if you don't give it to me then I will die.Shibi was in deep thought, he said I can give you anything except the Dove. The Eagle said give me your flesh It should weigh how much is the dove. The King gave some flesh but the dove was heavier. At last he himself stood on teh weigh scale and asked who are you. You do nnot look like birds. The Eagle replied I am Indra and the dove  is Surya. We came here to test you . We are very happy and we bless you. After saying this Indra and Surya went back to heaven.


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