Saturday, June 22, 2013


Once we went to Auroville. Auroville is in Pondichery. We went to a studio where we learnt more about Auroville. The soul of Auroville the Golden temple was made by the Mother. The mother was disciple of Aurobindo who thought of building the Golden Temple. Then we left after seeing the studio. The golden temple was 2 km from the studio. When we were walking we had a fight. My father had a fight with my sister. We reached there and took some pictures. My mother heard the guide saying that one park is built there. and another 12 parks will come there. Inside the temple there was a crystal globe. We could not go inside the temple as only those who wants to meditate can go inside. If you wish to go inside the temple then somebody will take you somewhere where you have to stay for 13 days and concentrate there. After that we left. On our way back we got some ice cream and went to book store. I enjoyed myself a lot.

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