Saturday, June 22, 2013

Curious George makes pancakes

Curious George Makes Pancakes 

 The story is about a small monkey who makes pancakes.Th story starts like this....There was a small monkey named George who was always very curious.He had a friend named the man with the yellow hat.Once the man in the yellow had told they are going for pancake breakfast.After they reached there,the Mayor made an announcement.After that the man with the yellow hat told George he will come back in a minute but please do not be too curious.When the man in the yellow hat was gone,George looked around.He smelled something tasty.He followed the smell and found a pancake stall.He thought making pancakes was fun.He saw only one person making pancakes and he wanted to help.He found a basketful of blueberries.In a small place he saw some pancakes were already made.He thought I will put some berries above them.He started putting many berries and the man was so busy he did not notice George.Afterwards he went to get another helper.So George started making the pancakes.The pancake stall line grew longer and longer.When the man came back he saw George and got angry,began chasing George.At last the Mayor saw George hiding inside the water.He gave George a medal.It was George happiest moment.My favourite character was George as he was always very curious.I did not like the man with the yellow hat as he always tells George not to be curious.


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