Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ruru and Pramadvara

Once three men were wandering in the forest. They were thirsty and saw a hermitage. They asked if anyone in there, if you are there then please give us some water. A beautiful woman came out of the hermitage and gave her water. Her name was Pramadvara. One of the men whose name was Ruru fell in love with Pramadvara. He told his friends to tell his father that he wants to marry Pramadvara. His father was very happy that his son found a bride. The next day he went to ask for Pramadvara's hand in marriage. Her father said yes but he told let me tell you the story of my daughter. Once I was walking back to Ashram. When I saw an abandoned baby. I thought this must be an Apsara's abandoned baby. I will take care of it till she goes in marriage. I took care of her for many years. This is the story of my daughter, that is why i named her Pramadvara. Your son can marry my daughter. A few days before her marriage, Pramadvara and her friends were playing. She stepped on cobra by mistake and it bit her. She suddenly fell dead. Her father saw that she was glowing even more brightly. Her father was crying and asked Ruru how did Pramadvara died.Ruru just ran inside the forest and told him to take care of her wife He prayed to God to restore his wife. Gods took pity and restored Pramadvara but on one condition you give half of your life to Pramadvara. Ruru agreed. Then they got married.

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