Thursday, June 20, 2013

How jenny told Jessica how important is clue search

Once there was a girl named Jessica who was very careless girl. Once she was playing a game called Angry Gran Run on the Ipad. When she heard her phone ring she ran and kept Ipad somewhere and answered the phone When she finished her phone call she started searching for Ipad but she could not find it. She called her best friend Jenny, who always had a solution to any problem. Jessica said,"O Jenny I cannot find my Ipad,what should I do." Jenny said I should we should play a clue search game. Jessica agreed to it. The next day Jessica invited Jenny to her house. I will hide the clues said Jenny. When Jessica was in the balcony Jenny hid thee clues. When Jessica was searching something caught her eye. It was black in color and next to her Attic bed, it was her Ipad. She was so happy she thanked Jenny and promised never to be careless again.

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